Self-Love Empowerment Package

6 week mentorship - COMING SOON - £222 - 6 spaces available.

Do you want to uncover the next 'layer', to a shinier version of yourself, feeling more whole and empowered? Do you struggle to self-care and self-love?


This 6 week programme could be for you if you are someone who has already begun to notice the importance of self-care and empowerment, although could still benefit from assistance in structuring self-love into your busy schedule, or remembering to prioritise yourself.


You could be someone who already recognises the benefit of self-care and self-love on a path of development but can see that a lack of this is currently holding you back.


You could benefit if you are someone who has come through an incredible amount of life stuff, and want to embrace your empowerment on a deeper level to continue to develop from how you respond to life’s challenges.


You could benefit if you sometimes question what true self-love actually is!


This package will:

  • Assist you into daily habits with tools you can go on to assist yourself with for the rest of your life
  • Mentor for your highest good only, giving you the opportunity to explore areas holding you back in life, including where you are getting in your own way, and how you can take necessary action steps
  • Accountability plans with timescales to help you achieve your goals through exploring and planning the necessary steps
  • Daily contact or guidance via Instagram/Facebook group, or messages or calls with me
  • Reiki healing treatments x 3 (1 per fortnight)
  • Personalised Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oil blends (doTERRA) x 3 (1 per fortnight)
  • Therapeutic-Grade Oils education group in person
  • Weekly group mentorship zoom calls
  • Optional extra for additional 1-1 mentoring sessions at £40 per session.
  • Optional extra for a place on Reiki training (all levels)


What else you will gain:

  • Feeling stronger and more loving in your own skin
  • A wider range of holistic tools in your belt to deal with life’s challenges
  • More understanding of areas that have been holding you back and how you can move through them to redefine a stronger and shinier version of yourself.

Feel free to ask any questions/see if this is a right fit for you!


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